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Dark Roast Ground Coffee

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Danger Coffee™ Dark Roast has the rich and velvety flavors of baker’s chocolate, nougat, molasses, and smoky oak. Perfect for espresso, lattes, cold brew, and anytime you want a richer tasting blend. This is still the clean, farm-direct coffee created by legendary biohacker Dave Asprey and engineered to fuel your dangerous side.

The mineral dust you may see is part of the magic. The patent-pending remineralization process delivers the vital nutrients your body craves.

Our ground coffee is designed for drip coffee machines, the grind is medium- it still works great for French press, percolators, and pour overs too! 

By the way, Danger Coffee™ is designed to pair perfectly with Dave’s original recipe for coffee blended with grass-fed butter and MCT oil. Available in-store at Upgrade Labs and Upgrade Café locations. 


Roasted Arabica coffee beans and minerals

Enjoy the convenience and the savings of a Danger Coffee subscription. You have the option to have a box of Danger Coffee arrive at your door every two, three or four weeks, ensuring you never miss out on a cup of the clean, mold-free, remineralized coffee created by legendary biohacker Dave Asprey. Modify or cancel your subscription anytime.

Step 1: Create your account

Step 2: Select type of coffee you want

Step 3: We’ll deliver on your schedule. Select how often you want us to deliver new coffee, (you can pause anytime). Orders in the United States over $60 ship free!

Step 4: Wait for your freshly roasted Danger Coffee to arrive. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 42 reviews
Danny K.
Best Coffee, Period.

I’ve been drinking both the medium & dark roast since December ‘22. I prefer the flavor of the Dark Roast. Going from average, to organic, to fancy mushroom organic with lions mane; Danger kicks their asses. Never felt better after a cup of coffee. Grab yourself some Dark Roast, you won’t regret it. - Danny, California.

Helen Allen
The Best Coffee

The aroma is rich and inviting. It’s smooth and flavorful in the mouth with no aftertaste. I believe this is the best coffee I’ve ever had.

Scott Crossman
Coffee with my cat

Tumbling, rolling, spinning with random jumping. These are the observed effects of Danger coffee. Be aware: May have similar effects on humans. My cat loved the tear strip on my fresh bag of Danger Coffee. It seems like her favorite toy. Untired, she played with the tab for hours. Danger Coffee has an energizing effect on me, too. She tossed and carried the seal around and around. She played with it in the house, in a box, and with a mouse. I will drink Danger Coffee here and there. Say! I like Danger Coffee! I do! I like it too, like a kitten-I-Am! And I would drink it in a boat. And I would drink it with a goat. I would drink it in a hat. I do like coffee with MCT and would drink it with Green Eggs and Ham. Thank You! Thank You, Happy I am.
Drink in moderation. I wrote this review under the influence of Danger Coffee.

Loved it

Bought this for my father. He already wants more. He’s interested in the pods instead of the ground coffee, though.

Rosanne Barker
Definitely a clean energy boost

I’ve been blending (seriously, with a VitaMix) the coffee with ghee. It is very good, and hard to believe it doesn’t have cream in it, it’s so smooth. (I’ve never been a black coffee fan.). I do think next time I’ll order the medium roast though.

Scott Arnold
This is a winner!

I've been drinking bulletproof coffee for four years. So I was willing to try this offshoot brand of "mineralized" coffee. When I saw that "mineralized" meant fulvic and humic biomass, I was overjoyed. I've been adding Shiljit to my coffee for as long as I've drinking bulletproof recipes, so this was a welcomed surprise! But does it taste good? Absolutely! Dark Roast Danger Coffee is one of the best I've ever tasted. Well done, Dave!

Derek Bennett
It has a great taste.

My wife is really finicky about coffee. She doesn’t like it too strong or bitter. She both love the taste of Danger coffee as it is smooth and has a really good taste.

Arthur Brown
Best most satisfying coffee ever

Having tried a couple different, mold, free coffees, I have come to really appreciate the great flavor and calm strength that I get from danger coffee dark roast.

Mia L
Dangerously Delicious

The dark roast is robust and smooth with no bitter aftertaste. Never feel jittery after drinking. I use 3 Tbl in my french press which is perfect!

Rose Morrison
No more irritation of my bladder

I could not drink coffee before because of the irritation of my bladder and palpitations of my heart. Then I found danger coffee without toxins. Thank you Dave!

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Ground Danger Coffee now available in the United States! Comming soon to Canada.

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