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Medium Roast Ground Coffee

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Introducing Danger Coffee™, a clean, farm-direct coffee created by legendary biohacker Dave Asprey and engineered to fuel your dangerous side.

The mineral dust you may see is part of the magic. The patent-pending remineralization process delivers the vital nutrients your body craves.
Our ground coffee is designed for drip coffee machines, ground is medium.

Danger Coffee™ is designed to pair perfectly with Dave’s original recipe for coffee blended with grass-fed butter and MCT oil. Available in-store at Upgrade Labs and Upgrade Café locations. 

Roasted Arabica coffee beans and minerals

Enjoy the convenience and the savings of a Danger Coffee subscription. You have the option to have a box of Danger Coffee arrive at your door every two, three or four weeks, ensuring you never miss out on a cup of the clean, mold-free, remineralized coffee created by legendary biohacker Dave Asprey. Modify or cancel your subscription anytime.

Step 1: Create your account

Step 2: Select type of coffee you want

Step 3: We’ll deliver on your schedule. Select how often you want us to deliver new coffee, (you can pause anytime). Orders in the United States over $60 ship free!

Step 4: Wait for your freshly roasted Danger Coffee to arrive. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews
John Dadmun
Very good coffee

I drink coffee every day, 1 cup black. French press when I can, drive-through coffee on the commute. Danger Coffee is better tasting, better feeling coffee than any other coffee I can remember drinking, I did notice that it was better coffee than what I ordinarily drink. I did feel good after the coffee. You know I can't really parse it out, it's kind of anecdotal or subjective, but that first cup/day of Danger Coffee made me feel good. I mean I personally noticed. Then, the second day, I felt good too. On the second day I had a pat or so of grass fed butter with it. Later, I got behind the electronic drum kit (I've been trying to learn to play drums at home) & surprised myself in that I was immediately playing far better than the day before. I actually laughed out loud. I mean, was it the Danger Coffee, or was it that I have been practicing? I don't know for sure, but it was a surprising acceleration to me i'll just say that. I don't know what all's in it, wish I did. This coffee black, with a pat of grass fed butter in there, & a couple ice cubes is what I do because most days I've not the time to properly savor coffee, It must accompany me on my drive to work, myself distracted by the absurdity of the commute. As you might imagine, in all of that, you want a good coffee. As I said, Danger Coffee, I can't think of anything better, taste, richness & depth of roast, color aroma everything about it is better. To say nothing of what the included minerals provide on that commute. Good coffee for a good ride into a good day. You know decide for yourself. I like the Medium Roast.

June Bolt
Focused and Energized

I love it! Danger coffee keeps me focused and energized all morning to lunchtime.

Peter Pelosi
Love it!

I’ve struggled with my energy levels for a couple years now. But no longer. I use the Danger Coffee with the Bulletproof recipe and I feel great. I love it! Also works great with intermittent fasting.

Best Coffee Ever!

I always enjoy it! Just got my partner hooked on it. No other coffee matters now.

Phil Brownridge
Best Coffee I have Purchased

The flavor is outstanding and if you are going to drink coffee anyway, why not get one that is healthy for you. Love the attention to detail and the quality.

Eric Daniels
Best tasting

Danger coffee is the best way to “have your cake and eat it too”, the only coffee for a health conscious lifestyle.

Look out!

Tried the medium roast. Taste is faintly different from regular coffees but I like it. More importantly, I do feel a lot better. My stomach isn't offended and my head strains have subsided. Looking forward to the longer term benifets. Thanks for the heart and mind and goodwill that went into this product. Dangerously delightful.

Quinton Goss
Energy boost without the jitters

We LOVE Danger coffee! I’ve always suffered from jitters or a head rush after coffee, but Danger coffee is different. I feel alert but not anxious, and I’m ready to start the day. Enjoy it black or Bulletproof style with a bit of MCT oil & butter— both are delicious.

Jocelyn Lewis
Life changing- you have to try it to believe it

Truly dangerous coffee! I've been buying entire bags to ship as gifts to my friends all over the world because I truly believe this coffee has been life changing for me. I was skeptical at first because in the past coffee had always put me to sleep, but you have to try this coffee to understand the results. I don't have the words to explain the positive impact, not just in my energy levels but in my mental health. I'm not sure what kind of magical ancient herbs you're using, but THANK YOU so much for your incredible research and product, and for making something that has actually had a life changing impact on my life. I am eternally grateful!

Never going back!

Danger coffee is so smooth and has an amazing aroma! It’s like drinking a cup of coffee that was just freshly roasted. Pure satisfaction with real energy and no caffeine jitters. I am now spoiled for all other coffees!!

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Ground Danger Coffee now available in the United States! Comming soon to Canada.

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