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Decaf Ground Remineralized Coffee

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Danger Coffee™ Decaf is Specialty Coffee Association, (SCA) grade, lab tested free of mold and other impurities from small producers in Colombia. Danger Decaf undergoes a direct-solvent based decaffeination process using naturally derived Ethyl Acetate from sugar cane. This method is often referred to as the "Sugar Cane E.A. process." For more information on the method click here

We then take the beans and remineralize them in ancient plant minerals known as Fulvic and Humic. These incredible minerals interact with the heat of the brew to infuse your body with over 50 trace and ultra-trace minerals. The patent-pending remineralization process delivers the vital nutrients your body craves. For more information on the minerals, click here 

Tasting Notes 

Danger Coffee™ Decaf is a smooth medium roast packed with flavor and offers notes of sweet pastry. The perfect way to get your dose of Danger, all day! 


Danger ground coffee is designed for drip coffee machines, the grind is medium- it still works great for French press, percolators, and pour overs too! 


All orders are roasted and ground daily to provide you with the most optimum freshness. You may notice some mineral dust on your beans, that is just part of the magic. 

Harvest Method: Hand Picked (selective) 

Processing Method: Parchment-dried via fermentation 

Drying Method: Patio dried 

Decaf Process: Sugar Cane E.A. 


Danger Coffee™ is designed to pair perfectly with Dave’s original recipe for coffee blended with grass-fed butter and MCT oil. 


Roasted Arabica coffee beans and minerals. 

Coffee Weight: 310g & 775g

Enjoy the convenience and the savings of a Danger Coffee subscription. You have the option to have a box of Danger Coffee arrive at your door every two, three or four weeks, ensuring you never miss out on a cup of the clean, mold-free, remineralized coffee created by legendary biohacker Dave Asprey. Modify or cancel your subscription anytime.

Step 1: Create your account

Step 2: Select type of coffee you want

Step 3: We’ll deliver on your schedule. Select how often you want us to deliver new coffee, (you can pause anytime). Orders in the United States over $60 ship free!

Step 4: Wait for your freshly roasted Danger Coffee to arrive. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 81 reviews
Karen Kennedy
Tastes so smooth

I love your coffee. It has great flavor and doesn't burn my stomach like some other coffee will. I know it's got plenty of health benefits which is why I tried it. But kept ordering for the taste.

The Yummiest Decaf Ever!

The Danger Decaf Coffee is the best coffee ever and mold-free as well! I prepared it using a French Press and it was the most delicious, mild, acidic-free decaf I’ve ever had! Although expensive, it is worth the $ and you won’t be sorry.

mali djafari

love the way it makes us feel

Nik Wood

I have really been able to tell a difference with Danger coffee!

Purchased for my daughter who is expecting

My husband and I are loyal Danger Coffee drinkers. Because we believe in Danger coffee so much with its minerals and lack of mold it was a no brainer to purchase the Decaf for our daughter who is expecting. She loves it

devi nelson
Smooth as silk

Love every drop of my Danger regular & decaf. Honestly feels better drinking what I can trust to be as organic as possible.

Sandra Burroughs
Tastes GREAT!

I have been drinking organic unleaded for years, because I have terrible side effects from leaded coffee. I just learned about the mineralized decaf, and am impressed. I can tell a difference. I can just feel my body jumping for joy when drinking Danger Decaf. I purchased the ground the first time, but I now have subscription to the decaf beans.


Great tasting coffee. Easy to access with the side open/close access

paula Johnston
Very good

I love my danger coffee can't drink anything else now. I know the difference.

Ann J.
Highly Recommend!

Great tasting coffee. I typically feel bloated after drinking coffee (even plain, black coffee) but not with this brand. Glad they offer decaf now. It's expensive but worth it.

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Ground Danger Coffee now available in the United States! Comming soon to Canada.

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