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Medium Roast Whole Bean Coffee

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Danger Coffee™ is Specialty Coffee Association, (SCA) grade, lab tested free of mold and other impurities and farm direct from Central America. We take the beans and remineralize them in ancient plant minerals known as Fulvic and Humic. These incredible minerals interact with the heat of the brew to infuse your body with over 50 trace and ultra-trace minerals. The patent-pending remineralization process delivers the vital nutrients your body craves. For more information on the minerals, click here

Tasting Notes

Danger Coffee™ Medium Roast is the original blend. It has the perfect balance of nutty sweetness and pipe tobacco. A smooth finish you can’t really go wrong with!


All orders are roasted daily to provide you with the most optimum freshness. You may notice some mineral dust on your beans, that is just part of the magic.

Harvest Method                    Hand Picked (selective)

Processing Method              Parchment-dried via mechanical demucilagination

Drying Method                     Patio and mechanical


Danger Coffee™ is designed to pair perfectly with Dave’s original recipe for coffee blended with grass-fed butter and MCT oil.


Roasted Arabica coffee beans and minerals.

Coffee Weight: 10.9 oz

Enjoy the convenience and the savings of a Danger Coffee subscription. You have the option to have a box of Danger Coffee arrive at your door every two, three or four weeks, ensuring you never miss out on a cup of the clean, mold-free, remineralized coffee created by legendary biohacker Dave Asprey. Modify or cancel your subscription anytime.

Step 1: Create your account

Step 2: Select type of coffee you want

Step 3: We’ll deliver on your schedule. Select how often you want us to deliver new coffee, (you can pause anytime). Orders in the United States over $60 ship free!

Step 4: Wait for your freshly roasted Danger Coffee to arrive. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 150 reviews
Really great tasting coffee

I truly enjoy this coffee !!! And switched to medium roast or dark roast ! Not only better for you and more caffeine but taste better to me now. Thanks Dave

Fantastic Coffee!

I was curious about Danger Coffee, and luckily I took the leap and bought a bag of beans. Amazing! I only needed one cup to understand how terrible my usual cup of coffee was—-and I’m never going back. I felt good, steady and strong. And I didn’t need my usual two additional cups an hour later!

Suellen Henry

Used to buy Bulletproof coffee, but now after tasting this amazing blend, found a new favorite! The only downsize is the price.

Donnie Brandt
Like a big bear hug

If you want a coffee that will kick you in the pants and then give you a big bear hug, Danger Medium Roast is your brew.

First off, the flavor is so rich, you'll feel like you're drinking liquid gold. It's got this deep, smoky taste that'll make you want to lick the mug clean. And the aroma? Let's just say, I never knew I could fall in love with a scent before. It's like walking into a coffee shop and having the barista make eye contact with you—you just know something good is coming.

But let's talk about the real reason we drink coffee: for the energy boost. And Danger Medium Roast delivers. I don't know what kind of magic beans Dave Asprey using, but this stuff has a dependable sharpness that'll make you feel like you can conquer the world (or at least your to-do list).

Super coffee

Very good coffee......will order again and recommend it to all.

Tillman Miles
So good!!

I absolutely love my Danger coffee. I feel great knowing that it's toxin-free and they added minerals give me peace of mind knowing that I'm at least getting minerals into my system that I may not be getting from my food.

Denise Lazenby

We really like this coffee at our house. So good.

Jude Fleet
My #1 Go To Coffee

Love danger coffee it is my number one go to coffee that I look forward to every morning of my day.

Kris Bounds

The taste is so so good !! I just love Danger Coffee! You just feel so much better drinking it knowing all the bad stuff is not in it and it is all good stuff !

Bart Sferrazza
Awesome Coffee!

Best coffee I’ve ever tried. I hate when we run out.

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Ground Danger Coffee now available in the United States! Comming soon to Canada.

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